#getphilvotedin, The Podcast - Episode 2 Lamont Van Hook

July 19, 2022 Phil Collins Season 1 Episode 2
#getphilvotedin, The Podcast - Episode 2 Lamont Van Hook
Show Notes

Singer, Songwriter, Actor… Artist.     
That’s Lamont Van Hook and we are thrilled to have him as a guest on getphilvotedin, The Podcast.

We sat down with Lamont in July 2022 to talk about what he’s currently working on, including a new record of Country music, “with groove” due out in 2023, and all things Phil Collins. Learn Lamont’s favorite Phil solo song, who played ding-dong ditch on him on tour, what happened the first time he reported to work with Phil and much more in this hour-long episode hosted by #getphilvotedin founder Traci Baker. Traci conducts this interview, with co-host Kathy Steffen adding her unique insight to this delightful conversation with Lamont.
 A little more about Lamont...
As a child, Lamont was surrounded by music and musicians who played a huge role in shaping his unique musical style. His family history actually boasts musical talent on both his Mom and Dad’s side. Lamont has shared that much of his early musical training actually took place in his family church and by watching many of his family members “Do Their Thing.” Love that! 

A native of Oakland, CA Lamont began appearing professionally at age 14 as a drummer in a local R&B top-40 band. His recording debut came at about the same time, but in the gospel music genre. Lamont attended Howard University where he recorded two albums with the Howard University Jazz Ensemble and performed at the John F. Kennedy Center with Patti La Belle, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder among others.  

After graduating, he moved to LA and performed in just about every possible kind of venue; night clubs, local churches, recording studios... oh and some of the world’s biggest stages. Yes…Lamont has performed, recorded, and toured with legends like Rod Stewart, Sting, Diana Ross and of course, our very own, Phil Collins.

Lamont performed as backing vocalist on 4 tours with Phil, the Testify Promotional Tour, the First Final Farewell Tour, the Going Back Tour and the Not Dead Yet Tour.

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