#getphilvotedin, The Podcast - Episode 1 Leland Sklar

July 12, 2022 Leland Sklar; Phil Collins Season 1 Episode 1
#getphilvotedin, The Podcast - Episode 1 Leland Sklar
Show Notes

We are so pleased to share our first episode of #getphilvotedin, The Podcast! We had the pleasure of talking with the tremendously talented, Leland Sklar, July 11, 2022. This video podcast via Zoom with Leland was from his hotel room in Davenport, Iowa while on tour with Lyle Lovett and His Large band.

Leland was Phil's solo-music bass player since  No Jacket Required in 1985, and worked with him through the Not Dead Yet Tour. He hopes to have the chance to work with him again in the future.

Lee is among the very top bass players in music. He has contributed to 2000+ albums as a touring/session musician. Besides working with Phil  for 37+ years, Lee has toured/played with James Taylor, Jackson Brown and Carole King, among many others.

We spent about an hour with Lee who is one of the most interesting, knowledgeable, humble and easy-going people. His interview is packed full of nuggets and stories about Phil Collins; his work ethic, fun on tour, his writing/recording style, and of course, Leland shares his thoughts on why Phil Collins Should Be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (as a Solo Artist).

We hope you enjoy! Please be sure to let us know what you liked best.


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Production, Writing, Host, Voice-over: Traci Baker
Co-Host; Interview Production, Research: Kathy Steffen